Caring For Your Cats and Dogs
For as long as I can remember, I have been an animal lover. I wanted a dog as a child and sent my Dad letters "from" Mom, saying "We should get Linda a dog" signed, Love, Your Wife. That really had him fooled! I called his office and said in my 5 year old adult voice, this is your wife and I think we should get Linda a dog!. We did have a stray cat give birth to a litter in our garage and we kept a black and white female kitten, named Domino, who went missing once for 2 days, only to have Dad come home, sit on the sofa bed couch, and get some claws in his butt! Domino was found! Dad flew off the couch! From that time, all my life I have surrounded myself with animals, cats and dogs. I started to do animal rescue in 1997 and I still have at this time, 5 cats and 1 dog. The youngest of them all in 10 years old! Caring for them is something I have become an expert at.

Me and Bob Above

My dog Bob and me. We were together fifteen and a half wonderful years! He learned to swim here at Makaha Surfing Beach, and even followed me into the water when I learned to Boogie Board! He was the smartest dog I ever knew.

    How To Choose?

Owning a pet is not something that you go out and give to your 5 year old and tell them "You take care of it." Certainly, they can learn how to care for their pet, but you as the adult, will be assuming the responsibility for the animal. You are making a life time committment and decision, pets are not disposible, any more than your children are. They bond with you. Both cats and dogs will usually pick which person they bond with! You are going to be taking your pet to the vet from the time you get it, feeding it, playing with it, training it and giving in love, the most important thing of all! You can choose to take your pet to a professional trainer, but in my experience, I just train them as an ongoing thing, praise when they are good, and a harsh no! when they are bad. Another tool in my arsenal is a spray bottle of water that goes with the NO! You can add one third vinegar to the water and it will sting the pet's eyes without doing any damage, but I feel straight water works fine.
Purebred dogs will cost you money. Make sure you get the paperwork that comes with your dog, and make sure you register it so you can use it for breeding. If you aren't looking for a purebreed, mixed breeds tend to live longer, and depending on the mix have different temperments.
The same goes for cats. There are so many "feral" cat colonies across the country now, due to people deserting their aniimal and not getting it spayed or nuetered. This is a necessity for cats or dogs if you are not going to breed them. You can get cats and dogs together, usually at a young age, so they can grow up together.
Either way you choose you are in for a lifetime of joy, frustration, love given and received!

When you are choosing a pet, ask yourself, what would fit in with my lifestyle?
Cats are indoor animals. This is recommended by the ASPCA. My oldest cat is going on 16 years old and my youngest is around 10 or 11 years old. All my animals are rescues, that is why I am unsure of the "younger cat's ages. Cats are very affectionate but do not need the constant affection of a dog. Dogs will follow you everywhere you go! So will some cats, it all depends on what you put in to your animal. Remember, your pet is a direct result of you! Your dog will need either a fenced yard or walks several times a day for exercise and to do it's "" Dogs love to go everywhere with their "people" and you are going to become the "alpha" position of a dog or a cat's life! Head of the pack! You will need a litter box for your cat and they pretty much will go to that out of their instincts, however, dog's will need house training, how much of it depends on how you do the training and on the individual dog you have. My Bob dog, from when he was a small guy, would wake me up by pacing our bedroom at night. He was a very smart dog. These are just some basics to consider!
The reason I started online marketing back in 2001 was to help pay for my animal rescue efforts. We had outside feral cats that we fed and patched up when they got into fights, inside cats that wouldn't survive outside, one American Pitt Bull Terrier, Kala, one English Bull Terrier/Austrlian Shepard mix, Bob, and 1 Pitt Bull/Ridgeback mix, Nohea, and 6 indoor cats, Scampers, Rusty, Tiki, Tar, Miki and Bo. As we moved from our rented home, I had to leave behind my ferals and could only take our dogs and inside cats! It broke my heart! Now we have a home, only Nohea is our surviving dog, and 5 cats, as we also lost Bo. All of our sad losses were due to old age. The next page will show you how I earn money online to continue in our efforts at rescue other than donations. I get a lot of my pet supplies at PetCare RX and they have excellent customer service and you get deals every time you purchase.  On Page 2 you will find my blog as well as how I earn money from home online to help support all of my animals
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